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Affordable Family Counselling in Logan

When family dynamics are imbalanced within the home, small issues can soon become big problems. Family counselling can help improve the way family members relate and interact with each other. Your family can create stronger bonds and build deeper connections.

Family Counselling

A chance to resolve conflict and communicate

Family Counselling with Teenager

At some point, most families will reach a stage where they need some form of support to manage or resolve internal relationship issues. Many may turn to other family members, trusted friends or church pastors. But often, just “talking about it” doesn’t create change.

Seeking a professional counsellor to help resolve family relationships can be more beneficial as well-trained counsellors have the ability to offer:


  • Strategies for improving relationships with family members
  • A “fresh set of eyes” to help you see the problem from a new angle
  • A safe environment where everyone involved is respected and has the opportunity to speak and be heard
  • Expert advice on conflict resolution, communication skills and problem-solving
  • Practical tools for managing emotional issues like anger and depression

The types of family issues therapy and counselling can help resolve in your family

Happy single parent family

The types of family dynamics our counselling service can help with include:

  • single parent families
  • children of divorce
  • extended families
  • step/blended families
  • childless families

The types of issues that we are often responding to include:

  • the impact of difficult divorces
  • grief and loss
  • communication problems
  • work or financial difficulties
  • the impact of stress, anxiety or depression
  • parenting
  • anger management
  • the effects of addiction or abuse

There is no perfect family. But the types of characteristics we aim to see developed in our family clients are those of support, love and care for themselves and each other. This provides the security, communication and belonging that makes people feel valued and respected – the foundation of all healthy relationships.

“One of the first things I said to Gary was “please help save our marriage or give me the strength to walk away”. Whilst I say you have helped save our marriage, I realise what you have done is give us the tools to help save it. Our marriage is getting stronger.”

– Name kept private.

Who We Are

Trusted counsellors who can provide insight and clarity

Gary Noble

Gary Noble

Director & Principal Counsellor

Gary Noble leads the team at Logan Counselling Services, where he has assisted people from all walks of life step into a better quality of life. Gary gives practical solutions for a variety of problems that people experience in their everyday lives.