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Free Counselling with the Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Programs are where employers provide counselling services for employees. As an EAP Provider, we are able to help employees deal with personal problems that may impact their work performance, health and wellbeing.

Employee Assistance

What is the Employee Assistance Program?

An Employee Counselling Session

Emotional and mental health is just as important at work as it is at home. The aim of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is to help provide preventive and proactive interventions of both work and personal problems that may adversely affect an employee’s performance and well-being.

EAP is designed to enhance the emotional, mental, and general psychological well-being of all employees and their family members. It provides the opportunity to identify and manage personal problems, so they don’t have an adverse effect on work performance.

The aim of employee counselling is prevention – by not allowing issues to go untreated during the early onset stage. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Work Performance Issues

What types of issues may be addressed through Employee Assistance?

A Logan Employee Assistance Counsellor

Employee Assistance provides professional short-term counselling. Employee Assistance works with business and their employees with managing personal and/or work-related issues, which may affect their work performance or personal life.

Assistance can be provided for a variety of personal and/or work-related issues which may affect your work performance including:

  • interpersonal conflicts
  • relationships and family problems
  • emotional stress and depression
  • grief, bereavement, loss
  • financial and legal issues
  • drug and alcohol problems
  • gambling problems
  • life threatening/serious illness
  • career concerns
  • work environment problems
  • individual follow up of crisis response

EAP Questions and Answers

Are EAP services free?
Yes. The EAP service will provide a certain amount of free counselling sessions within a year, depending on the contract between Logan Counselling Services and the employer.
When can the Employee Assistance Program EAP be used?
EAP services can be used once an organisation has made an agreement with Logan Counselling Services.
What is included in an EAP program?
The EAP program includes a certain amount of free counselling sessions for employees. EAP services are negotiated between an organisation and Logan Counselling Services, so the terms of the agreement will differ between businesses.
How is the EAP program accessed?
Employee Assistance is voluntary at all times, is self-referral based and is free of charge for employees.

“This guy is an awesome counsellor!!! Very experienced and caring!”

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