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General Counselling

Our general counselling services provide a safe space without judgement where you can discuss any of your concerns. It allows for exploration of options and identifying opportunities for change. Affordable and confidential counselling.

General Counselling

In Person and online counselling available

In person counselling in Logan

General counselling offers face-to-face counselling for individuals that can cover a wide range of personal issues whenever an individual determines they need assistance. It may help you resolve personal, social or psychological difficulties you are experiencing such as:

  • difficulties at work or home
  • relationship difficulties
  • coping with grief
  • anxiety and depression
  • parenting problems
  • the effects of sexual abuse
  • anger management
  • addictions and abuse

Speaking to a counsellor can help you through anything that may be negatively impacting your life. The counselling sessions are equally effective whether held in-person or online.

We use a strengths based approach to assist people with overcoming their barriers. This means we take a more positive approach to the issues you are facing, focusing on your internal strengths and qualities and building on those. This approach creates a positive mindset and establishes more reasonable expectations of yourself and others.

Does counselling really help?

General Counselling Session in Jimboomba

When you speak with a trained counsellor, you have the opportunity to address problems in a positive way. You can get clarity around what really matters and explore options that may help overcome them altogether.

Speaking out (also called “Talk Therapy”) feels liberating when it is met with understanding from someone who values your perspective as an individual person. The feeling of being heard and valued, perhaps for the first time in a long time, can be the start of addressing the root causes of low emotions.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with anxiety, depression or other mental health concerns – then speaking to a counsellor is an effective way to deal with the challenges.

“Caring, understanding and patient. Highly recommended professional counsellor.”

– Google review

To find out more about our counselling service in Logan, or if you need to talk, please phone or make an appointment.