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Vocational Counselling and Assessments

Discover the most suitable employment options based on your strengths, skills, education as well as your personal interests and take the steps towards greater employment success and satisfaction.

Vocational Counselling

Create a workable realistic plan for your future

getting back to work

Vocational Counselling can help individuals identify ideal and realistic job options best suited to them, by assessing their strengths and skills. This information aids them when searching for and securing suitable work. Weaknesses and lack of skills are also identified as potential areas for future development or modification.

The benefits of using vocational counselling:

  • Improves the quality of your career exploration
  • Gives you relevant and useful knowledge about your interests and skills
  • Creates a workable plan for planning your employment future
  • Provides skills for you to improve your employability

Meeting with a vocational counsellor can help you better manage your journey through life, learning and work. You will have the opportunity to explore options that will assist you in making informed decisions about potential career pathways.

Vocational Assessments

Identify the job options most suited to you

Employee completing a vocational assessment

A Vocational Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation that helps vocational counselors investigate and assess an individual’s work profile. The assessment involves analysis of transferable skills, employment history, training and education as well as their personal interests.
The assessment can be very helpful in identifying the more suitable job options they should pursue. This in turn helps them to actively achieve their employment goals and enjoy deeper job satisfaction.

What happens during a vocational assessment?

During a vocational assessment, the client and counsellor will explore the client’s:

  • Life history
  • Education
  • Work history
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Personality
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Personal circumstances
  • Health

An analysis of all these factors will help in determining the job options the client should pursue.

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What does a vocational counsellor do?

Vocational counsellors are also referred to as employment counsellors.

Gary Noble

Gary Noble

Director & Principal Counsellor

They work with their clients to help them understand their capabilities and how they can be used to find suitable employment and develop realistic career goals.

Gary Noble is Logan Counselling Services principal counsellor and rehabilitation consultant. He uses a strengths-based approach in assisting people with overcoming their barriers, and has personal and professional experience in negotiating with employers, government departments and professionals at all levels.

Gary assists clients to return to work with physical and/or psychological complex injuries providing a range of early intervention and rehabilitation strategies. He has demonstrated success working closely with employers to ensure that even prior to the acceptance of the claim the worker is engaged in a return to work (RTW) program.