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Marriage & Relationship Counselling

Are you and/or your partner feeling disconnected and dissatisfied in your relationship? It is possible to reconnect and reignite a relationship that seems distant or fractured.

Relationship Counselling

How can relationship counselling help?

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Relationship counselling helps couples to better understand problem areas in their relationship and resolving issues. It can be for couples, families or singles and may involve current or past relationships.

Couples therapy with a professionally trained relationship counsellor can help you:


  • rebuild trust and intimacy with your partner
  • teach strategies for identifying and solving conflicts before they become arguments
  • learn how to create and protect a healthy relationship
  • find new ways to communicate that work better for you both
  • create a deeper understanding of each other’s needs

When should you see a relationship counsellor?

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Relationships aren’t a set and forget part of life. They take work, need maintenance, and sometimes they need some extra help from an external source to help get it back on track. There are some fairly common signs that a relationship could benefit from the guidance of a counsellor such as:

  • communication between partners is almost always negative and leads to arguments
  • if you have stopped talking or are afraid to talk about certain topics
  • general indifference to the partner – where they are and what they do
  • the relationship lacks intimacy
  • a partner is keeping secrets or telling lies
  • there is dishonesty in shared finances
  • ongoing issues that are kept unresolved

Most couples wait too long before seeking long needed help. Maintaining a successful relationship actually means getting in and addressing issues before they result in the behaviours and attitudes listed above.

Seeing a counsellor isn’t a sign of a weak and failing partnership. It is evidence of two people who care for each other, want the best life together and are prepared to put time and thought into making that happen.

“From the bottom of our hearts we are so grateful for your support and help. There are people in life that you meet and they make such a huge impact on your life that you will never forget. You are certainly one of them. Thank you!”

– Name kept private.

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