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NPA Assessments for People with Disabilities

The National Panel of Assessors (NPA) provide assessments for clients engaged with Disability Employment Services, including Ongoing Support Assessments, Supported Wage System Assessments and Employment Assistance Fund Assessments (workplace modifications). Logan Counselling Services’ lead Counsellor is NPA certified and works with other NPA certified assessors to provide these assessments throughout Queensland.

NPA Assessments throughout Queensland

What are NPA Assessments?

Young Man with Disability at Work

NPA Assessments are designed to help clients with disabilities maintain employment. Ongoing Support Assessments (OSA) are used to assess the client’s ongoing support needs to empower them in the workforce. Supported Wage System (SWS) Assessments promote the employment of persons with disabilities by assessing their capacities in the workforce in order to provide them with a ‘fair wage’, with approval from the Fair Work Commission.

The National Panel of Assessors, who are accredited to perform NPA assessments, operate under the umbrella of Disability Employment Services, which is a part of the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services.

What are the benefits of NPA Assessments?

NPA Assessment at a factory workplace

NPA Assessments are all about supporting people with disabilities maintain engagement with the workforce. NPA Assessors are trained and certified to provide empathetic assessments of clients’ support needs and capabilities so they can feel empowered and supported within their current employment.

Logan Counselling Services’ NPA Assessors are trained to understand and evaluate client barriers and support networks in order to come to appropriate solutions that fit the needs of the client and the employer. Our Assessors are fluent in report writing and communicating with employees, employers and Disability Employment Services. Logan Counselling Services’ NPA Assessors treat all sensitive information securely and with the highest care.

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To find out more about NPA Assessments, please phone (07) 3801 2833.

Please note that NPA assessments can only be assigned by the Department of Social Services, so we are unable to take any bookings for this service directly through our organisation.